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Back in the late 1970's our founder "Georgia" Phil Chika found an old set of drums in his attic. They were all different colors, what is usually called a "jelly bean" kit. Phil hated that the drums didn't match, so he stripped off the old wrap and painted them blue. That was the start of a life long passion for revamping old drum sets. He's come a long way in 40+ years. In that time he's developed some pretty sophisticated methods and innovative techniques over the years and has garnered acclaim for his custom modified and restored drum sets as a result.

In the process of restoring drum sets a lot of gear comes and goes through Phil's shop. He also has to order a lot of parts and accessories and doesn't use them all. Often he has to order in quantity to keep pricing low. So he started Stuff For Drummers as an outlet for his excess new and used parts and accessories.

Here at Stuff For Drummers, we are not your typical music gear store, we just aren't. We don't wear ties and business suits and we don't use blue tooth earphones. We are drummers, real honest to goodness actual skin bangin' drummers. Our founder has been a drummer nearly 50 years. As a drummer, during his heyday he toured Europe, Latin America, and the US as well has having custom built and restored hundreds of drums over the years. To say the least he knows his...well drum stuff.

So whether you are a beginner who needs a first set of drums, or a seasoned pro who needs accessories for an awesome kit you already have, or a drum builder who needs parts for a resto or new built from scratch kit you are working on, we are here for you.

In our experience, most musicians aren't always flush with cash, so we keep prices low. Whenever possible, we skip the middle men and source directly from the factories in bulk. We even design our own production runs to ensure our quality standards are adhered to. This all helps us keep our prices as low as possible and our quality as high as possible. We don't include bells and whistles you don't need and didn't ask for. We sell you what you want, when you want. We don't believe in the hard sell. We show you the options and the rest is up to you.

We are happy to answer questions and give advice, but we won't pressure you into buying stuff you don't need. We are about the stuff you do need and nothing else. So whatever you need, get your stuff here and you will always be happy with the results, we guarantee it. 

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